This DVB-C TV Receiver is a digital cable receiver allowing you to access digital terrestrial paid TV channels and radio broadcasts on your TV set. Its digital reception covers VHF & UHF band. Compared with the analog TV programs, digital TV programs eliminate the noise and interference but offer high quality video and audio.

Technical specifications
  • Fully compliant with DVB-C digital TV reception standards.
  • Support demodulation 64QAM and 256QAM for DVB-C digital TV signal.
  • HDTV/SDTV MPEG-2 & MPEG-4 / H.264 decoding.
  • Support 480i/480p/576i/576p/720p/1080i.
  • Support CONAX CA.
  • 16-bit color OSD display.
  • HDMI output for High Definition.
  • Support S/PDIF audio output.
  • Support teletext/subtitle/multi-language.
  • Support EPG.
  • Channel edit function including Favourite, Move, Delete, Lock, Skip, Rename.
  • Variable aspect ratio (4:3, 16:9) 4:3 Pan & Scan or Letter Box modes.
  • Support USB 2.0 and OTA software upgrade.
  • Support USB 2.0 PVR. MP3, AVI, DAT, MKV, MP4, MPG, VOB, WMA, BMP, JPG photo playback.

Tuner & Demodulator

Compliant with:DVB-C
IF bandwidth:8MHz
Input Signal Frequency:51~862MHz
Input Signal Level:36dBuV~80dBuV(64QAM)

Video Decoding

MPEG4:MPEG4 AVC H.264 MP@level 4
Aspect ratio:4:3 or 16:9
Active pixels:1920x1080i, 1280x720p, 720x576p, 720x576i

Audio Decoding

MPEG-1/2/2.5Layer I&II&III, AC-3 (Dolby Digital), AAC
Analog audio output:Stereo L/R
Digital audio output:S/PDIF(Coaxial)

Front Panel

LED DISPLAY:Used to display the time or channel number.
SENSOR:Receptor remote.
VOL-:To decrease the volume level.
VOL+:To increase the volume level.
CH-:TO change channels downward.
CH+:TO change channels upward.
OK:To confirm the choice with the highlighted menu item.
Menu:To enter the main menu. Press the button again to return to the previous menu
USB:Support USB 2.0 PVR. MP3, JPG photo, playback.
SMARTCARD SLOT:Open the right-hand flap on the front panel to insert the smartcard here.

Rear Panel

ANT IN:Connects to your external aerial.
LOOP OUT:RF loop through output to another receiver.
TV-SCART:Digital video output.
AUDIO L/R:This two jacks (white / red) output analog audio signal.
Video:This jack outputs composite video signal. Standard definition only 480i and 576i resolution.
COAXIAL output:Phono socket for Digital audio output connects to TV or HiFi.
HDMI:Connects to the TV using an HDMI cable for HD viewing (760p & 1080i).
POWER SWITCH:To switch the set top box to on and off.
Power In:AC 100~240V, 50~60Hz.


Category:IR(Carrier 38KHz)
Battery:2x1.5V AAA


Video Port:x1
Audio RCA (Audio L, R):x1

Power Supply

Input voltage:AC 100~240V 50Hz
Power consumption:Operating Max-9W

Unit Dimensions

Operating temperature:5~40 Celsius
Unit Dimensions:235 mm(W) x 170 mm(D) x 38mm(H)

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